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Dr Farid Esack

Posted on July 11th, 2013 by fair_user

Farid Esack born 1959 in Wynberg Capetown, is a South African Muslim scholar, writer, and political activist. Known for his opposition to Apartheid, his appointment by Nelson Mandela as a gender equity commissioner, and his work for inter-religious dialogue.

Abdul Faisal Rauf

Posted on June 25th, 2013 by fair_user

Feisal Abdul Rauf is an American Sufi imam, author, and activist whose stated goal is to improve relations between the Muslim world and the West. From 1983 to 2009, he served as Imam of Masjid al-Farah, a mosque in New York City.

Cruelty under the sun

Posted on May 15th, 2013 by fair_user

Cruelty Under the Sun – world’s most persecuted people.Documentary about the The Rohingya Muslims of Burma.

Dr Anwar Ibrahim

Posted on May 15th, 2013 by fair_user

Dato‘ Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim is a Malaysian politician. He is currently the Leader of Opposition of Malaysia, economic advisor to the state government of Selangor and de facto leader of PKR.