About Us

Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations (FAIR)

Mission Statement

..working to make Australia a more inclusive and just society by promoting a positive understanding of
Muslims and Islam through education, civil society and the media.

Australia’s first Islamic Think Tank: thought leadership in action

The Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations is an independent non-sectarian public relations think tank, aimed specifically at promoting a positive and harmonious relationship between MUSLIMS AND THE WIDER COMMUNITY.

It is a not for profit organization. It has to date successfully made an impact on the Australian media and been one of the voices of reason in the Australian Muslim community.  FAIR has extensive research and knowledge of the community and deals effectively with wide-ranging issues. As well as being a public interface, FAIR monitors media, pursues complaints and assists journalists with stories.  FAIR has also been pivotal in building bridges at grass roots levels. From initiatives such as the award-winning Goodness and Kindness Project (The Together for Humanity Foundation) to volunteering programs and arts projects.

FAIR’s Aims and Objectives are:

To speak out for the rights and freedoms of all Australians to practice their religion openly and without fear of persecution or discrimination

To protect our civil liberties and promote an open and harmonious society

To promote social inclusion

To ensure accurate and ethical media reporting of events concerning the Islamic community and to provide an avenue of complaint in the case of a breach in the code of practices and ethics in the print and broadcasting media

To provide appropriate and adequate representation for the grassroots Islamic community and to have a strong unified voice

To provide mentoring and leadership programs for youth and to provide training in areas of media, communications and video production.

To dispel misconceptions about Islam

Some of our past projects: (this is not an exhaustive list)

2002-07  –  Goodness and Kindness School Visits Program

2004  – Race Religion and Rhetoric Conference

2005  – Alternatives to Violence Project – Interfaith

2006  – Children reclaim the beach festival Cronulla

2006  – Breaking the Ice in Cronulla Community Forum

2006  – Out of your zone anti-violence workshop in Cronulla

2007  – NSW State Muslim Youth Summit

2007  – FAIR Media Awards

2002-present  – Inside Islam Seminars and Outreach program

2002- present  – Media For Muslims Training

2006-7  – Youthfusion – Youth leadership and mentoring program.

2007  – FAITH Ways – inter-faith inter-church/mosque peace walks

2007/08  – FITRA Academy of Islamic Sciences – courses

2007  – Campus Conversations – talks on Islam to journalism and political science students (NSW/Vic)

2008  – National Youth Volunteering symposium

2008  – Big Brother police and youth mentoring program

2008  – The Art of Leadership conference

2008  – Artslam 21 – the art of leadership. The program focuses on calligraphy, hip hop, comedy and poetry.

2008  – Backout – Outback Muslim youth leadership camp

2009  – Hearts and Minds Muslim Youth Leadership Program in Indonesia (involved 10 Australian Muslims and 20 Indonesian)

2009  – Hearts and Minds Youth Leadership Conference (Gadja Madah University)

2010  – Australia and Malaysia Cross cultural program with International Islamic University of Malaysia

2010  – Australia and Malaysia leadership Conference – International Islamic University of Malaysia

2010  – Aussie Mossie Multicultural short Film Festival (Reading Cinema)

2011  – Elephant in the Room Human Rights Education framework project

2011  – Elephant in the Room Human Rights film festival (Bankstown Arts Centre)

2012  – Next Gen Leadership Program

2012/13  – Southern Crescent Online Peace Initiative – www.islamate.org.au website

2015 – Women of Peace Project in Southern Thailand

2017 – The Gang youth theatre project Dandenong

2017 – Think Dramatisations

2018-19 – Your Choice Our Future School Links Project

2017- present – Islamicare Helpline

2019 – Rohingya Medical Treatment Program (Sittwe, Burma)