Who speaks for Islam?

Currently in Australia there are many Muslim spokespeople, the Muslim community is not homogenous and there are many differing groups, with differing opinions on many issues, there are also different sects and schools of thought as well as Muslim organizations with a specific ethnic affiliation, so you will get a lot of different answers from many different people.

We have attempted to place the recommended speakers from different organisations in order of category and expertise although it does not mean that person cannot speak on other matters. Please get in touch with us and we will connect you with the right spokesperson.

Call 0412318045 or email fairmedia@fair.org.au

• Women

Australian Muslim Womens Association
Islamic Womens Welfare Association
Muslim Womens National Network of Australia
United Muslim Womens Association

• Youth
United Muslims Association
Youth Factor
Justice and Arts Network (JAAN)

• Politics
Australian Federation of Islamic Councils

• ASIO and security issues
Australian Federation of Islamic Councils
Muslim Legal Network

• Religious affairs
Australian National Imams Councils
Griffith University Interfaith Unit
Imam Hussain Islamic Centre
Auburn Gallipoli Mosque

• Halal matters
Australian Federation of Islamic Councils
Halal Australia
Supreme Islamic Council on Halal Meat in Australia

• Financial matters
Crescent Wealth

• Education
Islamic Education Australia
Various schools

• Social and community

• International Aid and Development
Ark Humanitarian Aid and Development
Muslim Aid Australia

• Arts

• Social welfare
Salam care

• Media
Muslim Village

• Disability and counseling
Mission of Hope
My Home respite Centre

List to be supplied upon request

List to be supplied upon request

List to be supplied upon request