It is important to tackle Islamaphobia by building an evidence base that justifies introducing new laws in NSW that protect Muslims. Jews and Sikhs are already protected and receive far less attacks in public, in the media and in general.

Visible Muslims who are identified by the headscarf or the beard are often the victims of verbal abuse, physical assaults and intimidation.

The first instance of such an attack should be reported to police. However, there are other complaints mechanisms that can take further action and help in preventing future cases. See our website under “your rights” for more information on who to contact.

However, FAIR aims to build a strong case for changes to the law by lobbying the government. So please fill out the complaints section at the bottom of the home page if you have been a victim of discrimination or know of someone who has.

Together we can make a difference in creating a society free of hatred, racism and injustice.