Terms of Reference

FAIR Think Tank’s terms of reference are:
> Responsible for analysis, synthesis and commentary on issues regarding  Islam and the Muslim communities of Australia.
> It is important that FAIR remains transparent and strategic with the use of the Think Tank.
> This Think Tank is not an authoritative entity and its comments do not  necessarily represent the views of the entire Muslim population and are not absolute in any way.
The responsibilities include:
1. Research and analysis on key issues facing migrant/Muslim  communities in Australia
2. Synthesis and commentary on various issues and subject matter surrounding socialization of migrant/ethnic and Muslim communities in  Australia
3. Providing criticism and advice on Australian government policies  which affects migrant/ethnic and Muslim communities in Australia
4. Delivering Issues/Discussion papers for wider consumption
5. Lobbying governments on important issues facing migrant/ethnic and  Muslim communities in Australia
6. Advocacy on human rights, social justice and other policies which impact on our civil liberties
7. Organising or participating in forums, discussion panels and conferences on relevant social issues and subject matter that concern migrant/ethnic and Muslim communities in Australia
8. Assisting with the preparation of press releases and media conferences